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Tony Tough 2: Press Release and Dev Journal

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Dhruin @ Thursday - September 30, 2004 - 18:08 -
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DTP sent us a press-release detailing a new dev journal for 'Tony Tough in a Rake's Progress' and some information on international publishing rights. Here's the press release, minus the corporate stuff:

Hamburg, 09/30/2004. The small but cunning detective Tony Tough was a major success all over the world last autumn. Now German publisher dtp has started the development of Tony Tough 2 with Italian developer Prograph. From now on a journal of lead game designer Stefano Gualeni will be issued on the international adventure-fansite www.justadventure.com - the first part is already online.

The upcoming new adventure will be published in the German-speaking areas in Q2 of 2005. As dtp has the international rights for the title, publishers interested in licensing the title in their territories are welcome to get in contact with the German company.

Tony Tough 2 will be a Prequel, telling the story of Tony's first case in his youth, and will feature up-to-date 3D-graphics combined with a classic point & click interface.

The Just Adventure Dev Journal from Stefano Gualeni is online, so here's a snippet:
Just like when observing a planet, I believe one can have a complete and holistic vision of what’s being examinined only from a certain range of distance. Being too close might be deceiving, being too far, useless.

These few intermittent lines will not - by design - try to either describe objectively the process of blooming of this game (I’d rather call it that than “product”) nor to technically log its development steps, but to pour on screen thoughts, anecdotes and pictures which will hopefully add up to some kind of reflection of it.
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