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Anachronox Review

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Friday - July 06, 2001 - 14:49 -
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A quite detailed review of Anachronox can be found at Gamezone UK today. The rating is 83%, and here's a little something about humor in the game:

    We're not talking about the odd joke here or there either. At times it's like a full-blown comedy. Not a riotous laugh-a-minute that bends reality too far to make things believable (like point-and-click adventures tend to do), but a comedy nonetheless. It's in cut-scenes, conversations, posters hanging on walls and even certain quest objectives. Like the one where you have to find a mangled worker and give his pus-soaked sock to another character to chew on while he thinks, or the presence of megalocephalic dolls in the shops.

    Alright, so it might sound odd out of context, but on the whole the humour works well and is almost never overplayed. And for those of you worried about the fact that Anachronox uses an archaic engine, Ion Storm has introduced a new facial expression technology that makes characters come alive like never before, with some very amusing results. They can look disgusted, bemused, surprised or embarrassed. I can see this having a profound effect on future games that might try to engage us emotionally instead of making us laugh.
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