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RF Online: Taking Wallpaper Literally @ Official Forums

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Wildefire @ Wednesday - November 02, 2005 - 01:05 -
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A lucky fan who visited the RF Online team at the recent MCM Expo in London was desperate to get his hands on a set of faction posters on display at the Codemasters booth. While those particular posters were not free for the taking, some folks at the booth posed their fan with a challenge: Cover a wall of his own home with some of their left-over RF Online leaflets, and he would get his set of posters. Check out this dedicated fan's post (and the ensuing thread) on the RF Online forums to see what happened next. Codemasters has also started an MCM Expo Diary to relate their experiences over the weekend.
while at the london expo ( which i might add was uber) i asked the guys at the codemasters stall for one of there super cool looking posters (yes it was an RF online one and, might i add, was making a lot of people drool) to only be told they were for sale and cant be given away ... shame really anyhow

after bugging them for much of saturday and then on sunday they finally gave me a challenge to win them what was this simply put it was to take their leaflets ( a few hundred) and cover a wall in my house with them

heh they should of made it harder really
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