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Archangel: Review @ Games Domain

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Friday - October 18, 2002 - 20:40 -
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JoWood's/Metropolis' action RPG Archangel gets another lukewarm treatment in the review over at Games Domain. A 2.5 out of 5 score is the result of their Archangel test.

Here's a snip:
    The gameplay is largely action oriented, as Michael hacks his way through the game's three ages - medieval, futuristic Berlin, and a hell-like city of evil. He's given the sword of light, a powerful weapon that only he can wield right at the beginning of the game, however it costs a large amount of his spiritual energy to wield, and can't be used once this is depleted (it regenerates quite slowly). Fortunately he can pick up weapons shortly after this, and this continues through the game, from your basic knife and bow right up to rocket launchers and energy guns of mass destruction in the later game. Yum!
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