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Steels World Game Info
Description: Steels World II, The Bone Invasion" is a multiplay world and created for people that have finished the singleplay world of Ehb, so you can use one hero of that party to start SteelsWorld II in multiplay.

The hero from you're orginal singleplay game (Castle Ehb) is most time a hero between level 45 and 55, so when you start with friends to play SteelsWorld 2.1 you shall have loads of funn and adventure.
SW2.1 is not easy to play because we like to give you some hard and cool gameplay so you're hero shall level hard to in this way. The SW2.1 is balanced for Veteran mode (is normal only to start with a lvl 85 hero minimal) so it is hard but playeble.

We are also working hard at "Steels World 2.3, The Bone Invasion", this version is playeble at a mutch easyer level, you are able to start this game in 3 difficulties: Regular (Easy), Veteran (same as SW2.1) and Elite (Verry Hard).

The Steels World have a open gameplay and many sepperate quests, Steels Village is the default start location and is at the center from the world, from here there are 4 way's to go (so it's you're choice what way to go)

The 4 way's are: to Tombstone, to Cliffix, to Wisdomix Crypt or to Chicky Runn. At all way's you can talk with many people that give you hints and quests, some way's are not at the signs at Steels Village but if you talk first with all people in the Thunder Inn and arround in Steels Village, they tell you some way's and hints.

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Release date: Available since 2002
Homepage: http://www.dsgroupholland.com/
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