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ROSE Online Europe Game Info
Description: After Ragnarok, the cute wave strikes back with ROSE Online, this time with a 3D engine. Previously known as Seven Hearts Online, ROSE allows you to explore the 7 planets of the "Sea of Souls" as a Visitor, created by the goddess Arua to fight Hebarn, the god of malice. You'll be able to take part in wars to take the controls of the 7 kingdoms, the winner becoming the political and economical leader of the world.
Average Reader Ratings: 10 (1 votes)
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Release date: Available since 12/01/2005
Homepage: http://www.roseon.com
Publisher: GamesRouter
Developer: Triggersoft
Screenshots: ROSE Online Europe Gallery
On the Net:
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- ROSE Online and Legend of Mir 3 Shut Down for Lack of Funds (01.31.06)
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- ROSE Online: Open Beta @ FilePlanet (09.16.05)

Beta Reports:
- ROSE Online: Open Beta Today, New Site and Forum @ Official Site (10.07.05)

- ROSE Online: Play ROSE Online and Win One Million Euros @ GamesRouter (11.14.05)

Game Elements:
- ROSE Online: Wish Fuel Needed For Penguin Cannon (?!?) @ Official Site (12.28.05)

- ROSE Online: David Kim Interview @ GameZone (12.20.05)
- ROSE Online: Interview @ Boomtown (10.30.05)

- ROSE Online: Patch 1.05 @ Gamers Hell (12.06.05)
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- ROSE Online: Preview @ Boomtown (10.25.05)
- ROSE Online: Preview @ PC Gameworld (10.06.05)
- ROSE Online: Preview @ GamerGod (07.15.05)

- ROSe Online: Review @ GameZone (12.21.05)
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