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Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance 2 (PS2)
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Mimesis Sentinel Gallery

Derek Handley, 2001-09-19

Mimesis Online from Polish Developer Tannhauser Gate, is a role-playing game which transports you to a world where the borders between reality and illusion do not exist. An unimaginable catastrophe on a cosmic scale transformed this world, playing havoc with the natural order of things, twisting everything, even time itself, wiping out civilisation as we know it. For the Universe itself, everything changed and nothing changed - a new order was established, one where entropy rules, without intelligent beings working to hold it back. The beings who survived the catastrophe have tried to rebuild their world, each in their own way. They once again want to enforce on the natural chaos their order, their ways - authority, money, prejudice, cruelty and conviction of their own superiority. Once again, they are showing the unlimited ability of intelligent races to adapt and survive. The forgotten civilisation is waking up and slowly but surely emerging as the "new" civilisation - and how similar it is to the old one.

This is a transcript of the observations of a Sentinel Dehas Core, a group of immobile Sentinels whose responsibility is to monitor everything occurring in their territory - Greyspire. They are following the movements of a former smuggler who is suspected of having had something to do with the closure of the access fields, Greyspire's only practical link with the rest of the world...

Display full image Dehas Scan***020156921905***SDC2
Subject (#7^^89 - Heylan; previous charges: E-trapper smuggling; last being to pass through access fields before closure) located on Saderton Plaza - circling, obviously looking for some\thing/one. Starhold Model 7 (Biochrome) armour damaged, as if after impact - note staining and fluid leakage.
Subject enters Hotel, books room.
Remains there all night.
Display full image Dehas Scan***030156920756***SDC3
Subject leaving hotel on Saderton Plaza. Starhold Model 7 (Biochrome) armour as yet unrepaired. Armed and prepared for something (Weapon: Ceremonial Rall Axe {copy - not original model}).
Display full image Dehas Scan***030156920819***SDC3
Subject encounters \add new subject\#73^^502: Jereii - no record\ Jereii; agitated, runs up to Subject Heylan; armed (Weapon: Stoneskin Axe); Stoneskin Tors armour. Indicates that Jereii is (ex-)sixth house military. Subject Heylan not known to have such contacts. \update\
Conversation proceeds: Larger meeting planned; have to put X in water - comprehension? None \subroute SDC5 to analyse\. No indication of threat to peace - ignore\monitor\act? Monitor...
Display full image Dehas Scan***030156920906***SDC3
Subjects Heylan and Jereii meet with other \subroute _ SDC5\, leave city walls
Disturbance - Priority alarm - ongoing fight - threat level analysis....
Display full image Dehas Scan***030156920906***SDCF
On bridge 17 (centre sections damaged and fallen into river - damage: storm\not our concern\) two Hirudon subjects engaged in combat. Aggressor: Subject #23^^345 (Rorat; repeat offender in this area: sentence: death\updated record on armour: Stolen Rage Exoskel.). Tries to force other off bridge, has already injured same. Self have no units in the vicinity, and they are too far away for the Inhibitor Impulse to take affect. Monitor and register battle.
Aggressor forces other to pay, leaves. Other shaken, injured. Reduce sentence on Subject Rorat? No. Let the Hirudon understand that they are not above self's law.
Display full image Dehas Scan***030156921130***SDC1
Subject Rorat moving away from city. Deprioritize and monitor.
Display full image Dehas Scan***030156921246***SDC6
Scan successful - Subject Heylan found. \Update intervening time\Left city, committed no registered crime, returned, met with Subject |Counsellor| #3^^1 (Tesser - Nominated Counsellor to Governor Ceyan, wears Ceremonial Tay. Is not leading group - position fourth from front, left side \query for future\does this mean the same for Hirudon as for self?\query\has Subject |Counsellor| Tesser resigned function?
None of the group betray any sign of intended violence/crime/misdemeanor - step up observation\continue at current level\ignore? Continue.
Display full image Dehas Scan***030156921300***SDC6
Group leaving city. No set order of march. \conclusion to query\Hirudon do not behave as self. Order not significant. Self pleased - Subject |Counsellor| Tesser has always proved helpful to self, not as inflexible as Humans.

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Dehas Scan***030156921530***SDC6
Group approaching bridge. Approaching river. Feeling of apprehension among group - close to target. Still no conclusion on X.
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Dehas Scan***030156921535..1622***SDC6
Group separates, watch as Subject Heylan approaches water of river, later lake, at various points, kneels near shore, allows dust to fall from hand to water, other subjects emit sound \classify\hum\ emote\classify\sorrow\.
Self to Self...is that not a plant from Selfhaven?...is that not a YeerGale?
Self to Self...such thoughts are for Self that move and patrol, not for self that monitor. Sisterwehave amorenoble causeresponsibility.
Sisteryouallow thesorrow ofour chargestoaffect you.
Display full image From the journal of Heylan of the fifth house:
The evening has drawn in, and the air is cold. Sharp, as my colleague Tel Jackson would have said. He has passed to the next world now, and his memory has been left lying on the surface of the waters. As befits one like him, of noble soul, his memory is honoured. I shall miss his easy changes of mood, so unlike ours - the way he could calm down as easily as my temper is lost. Now I return, to the place where he was lost, and again wonder why I could not feel that something was wrong with the access field, and how he knew to push me forward and save my life...

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