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Horizons: It's still alive according to AE

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Wednesday - August 22, 2001 - 14:29 -
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The Fantasy Online Network has apparently spotted a post from Artifact Entertainment's David Bowman at the company's boards. It deals with the recent rumors of Horizons' cancellation and Artifact's demise:

    I'd like to make a statement regarding the current health of Artifact Entertainment to the members of the Horizons community. So, I've put together a list of the status of the company on the biggest issues that face the project.

    The company is well funded.

    The company is creating the functional specs for the game based on the conceptual design work that was done previously.

    An actual production schedule is being created to allow the implementation of the functional specs.

    The server technology is progressing fantastically.

    The production of the client technology is running behind the original company expectations so we are taking steps to correct this.

    We have had employees leave, but we don't discuss the details. They have participated in on-line interviews that express their situations. We are either reassigning their responsibilities to other existing staff, or are hiring new industry professionals to help us reach our goal of going live with Horizons.

    The Beta will occur only when we have built enough of the game experience to warrant the large scale testing of our server and client technologies. We are planning ahead for this time and making arrangements for the infrastructure to be in place, but it is premature to state a specific date.

    The community manager position is a difficult one to fill by one person. We are breaking the responsibilities into smaller pieces in order to allow our developers to assist us until we can find either that one super person internally, or have sufficiently broken down the responsibilities so that a good hire can be made.

    We continue to read your comments. After we have finished the functional specs, we will be able to more intelligently discuss with the community the relative merits of any specific game system.

    David Bowman
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