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Mount & Blade: Preview @ GameShark

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Saturday - June 25, 2005 - 00:20 -
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GameShark has a preview from a week back of TaleWorld's indie game, 'Mount & Blade'. Here's a snippet:
It's amazing what a small team of indie developers can create when they set their minds to it. We've given you lots of examples of some great games like this from such small developers as Digital Eel (Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, Big Box of Blox, etc.), Tiny Hero (Land of Legends) and Wild Tangent (FATE), but Taleworld's Mount & Blade has to be the most impressive thus far. Developed by a very small team (two or three) of developers, Mount & Blade is a freeform role-playing game that lets you create a hero, explore the land and control a small to mid-size army that you can hire, fire and manage as you see fit.
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