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Sudeki Game Info
Description: From the original Xbox entry at the official site:

A sultry wizardress& a soaring gunslinger& a powerful swordsman& a dark huntress. Four heroes, about to be hurtled over the edge into a flight into darkness. Sudeki will push the limits of what you think an RPG can be with bigger worlds, more powerful heroes and sexier heroines all wrapped around Hong-Kong style cinematic combat. And it is all only possible on Xbox.

Set in a world ripped apart by deceit, Sudeki sets its heroes on a twisting path of betrayal, gravity-defying combat and unbelievable magic. All they can rely on is themselves. No one is to be trusted. No one is to be spared.


* Cinematic-style real-time combat featuring dozens of moves, slow-motion bullet-time, earth shattering spells and hundreds of destructive melee and ranged weapons

* Massive cooperative super-strikes where characters combine to devastate legions of foes

* A horde of over 100 enemies from deadly dread-spiders to massive battle forces

* Battle as a team of four fierce heroes: a beautiful and deadly sorceress, a steam-punk gunslinger, a powerful man-at-arms and a shape-shifting huntress

* Forge your heroes into legends as you build their skills, spell arsenal, weapons cache and powers

* Immense worlds to explore and tame filled with hundreds of NPC's, cunning enemies and twists and turns fraught with danger
Average Reader Ratings: 9 (5 votes)
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Release date: Available since 07/20/2004
Homepage: http://www.climaxgroup.com/games/games.aspx?ArticleID=88
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Climax
Screenshots: Sudeki Gallery
- Sudeki Review (03.01.05)
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