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Darren has rated the following games:

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords: 7/10 points

I've just finished playing KOTOR 2 for the xth hundredth time and I felt, since I'd come across this review, that I'd make a couple of observations that the reviewer had left out as well as to put in my own perspective on the game. I found the game on the whole to be worthwhile and it definately has playability, hence I've played it so much lately, to the point where I've applied No CD patches to both games (I do own the CDs, before anyone asks - I find CD changing a bore) in order to speed things up. The gameplay itself is fun without getting too tiresome and the actualy content of the quests, both main and side, are usually linked to the point that you can actually fulfil all quests in a specific pattern, once you're actually familiar with the game. However, I have several issues of my own, some of which were mentioned earlier in the main review. The obvious one is the game crashes which, on the PC version, are quite frequent, even wth the most recent patches and drivers. The autosave feature is a saving grace, but I feel if more control on how often the autosave actually 'saved', then the game itself would be far more addictive. Another, and perhaps, more important issue is the lack of continuity. By that, I don't mean the game itself, while not lacking in a steady storyline, there are elements of the game missing and, after researching this on various websites, I find I'm not the only one. A perfect example of this, without going into too much detail, is the HK-47/HK50 storyline and anyone who's actually played the game should know exactly what I'm talking about. There are several inconsistancies in the game in that regard and, dispite my going everywhere and doing everything, I still find myself with the ol' reliable '?' in the Jedi Powers/Feats with the label 'Some powers cannot be learned by conventional means'. Dispite these fallbacks, the game itself loses nothing and the adaptability to your various styles, not only in Jedi Class and Prestige Classes, but also with Armor upgradability and, of course, the old faithful Lightsaber customisability, dispite the length of time it takes to actually get a the item, makes the game a fun long term project to go back and keep digging. Influence is also an added bonus as some elements of the game will not open up without the right level (again, for those who've played the game, I offer up Visas 'I want to see you' routine towards the back end of the game). Overall, the game get's only 7/10 because of it's instability and it's missing components. If the game were to be completed and, perhaps, open ended, perhaps with an online multiplayer offering to keep your Jedi going and, more importantly, provide that extra 'Well, ok, so we saved the universe - now all we get is the credits?' overstep. As with many games, the ending these days doesn't seem to justify the whole hardness of the game. Perhaps an additional expansion from Lucas Arts, maybe to keep the search going for Revan and tie the two games together would be an awesome offering and would be a great incentive to keep playing. Releasing additional worlds would also be fantastic and, instead of relying on player modding, Lucas-Arts could take that initiative. In conclusion, it's a great game, worth the investment and should be taken for what it is - an excellant engine running a wonderful game with plenty of life. The potential is endless and all it takes is a visit to Holowan Labs to see that. Lucas Arts could offer more, but it's a complete package in itself.
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