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Fallout 3 Forum Tidbits

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Monday - August 04, 2003 - 08:00 -
| Game Info | Screenshots
No Mutants Allowed have posted the usual bevy of Van Buren/Fallout 3 forum tidbits from the Interplay forums over the last week. Here's a few highlights starting with JE Sawyer discussing the engine:
DirectX, optimized for NVIDIA cards (currently GeForce 2 +) with best visuals from a GeForce 3 +. Mostly static geometry with pre-burned lightmaps altered by dynamic lights. Dynamic objects have dynamic volumetric shadows, but the user can bump that down to drop shadows if they want. Polygon counts on characters are typically in the 1,000-1,300 range. Most human-sized PCs use a single 256x256 texture that is stitched together from all of their individual skin/hair/equipment textures at runtime. Creatures that are generally more "static" use a single texture that is not stitched. Size varies.
Weighted point buys for skills:
A weighted skill scale allows the jack-of-all-trades to remain competitive with the specialist. The specialist, in return, gains access to better perks that have high skill ratings as their prerequisite.
Finally, unarmed combat combos:
Really, all you have to do is imagine a bunch of the ordinary moves stringed together against multiple targets -- llike an oddly-shaped burst. For example, Jab-Backhand-Elbow. Your character does a jab at the guy in front of him, immediately followed by a backhand to the guy next him, and an elbow smash at the dude right behind him.
The same thing applies to kicks. There are no jumping kicks in my unarmed attack list -- just regular snap kicks, side kicks, roundhouses, hook kicks -- bread and butter stuff. Kick combos just work the same way as punch combos.
Follow the link for more...
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