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Baldur's Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn
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Enilno Renders
Parcival, 2004-04-06

Over the past few months the Enilno team has welcomed two dedicated 3d modelers. One of them, Hatter, has produced some beautifull renders of the game world. We asked project leader Sage to tell us more about what we're looking at.

All these shots were rendered in 3D Studio Max. The reason why we are releasing them like this is because the engine is under work and so it is not yet 100% ready to get the new models. So instead of waiting for the engine to be ready we decided to show some of the work we have done already. But rest assured that if we had put these models in the engine the results would be identical. Although in the engine you would have even more stuff. You would be able to see a sky more hills and some of the neat features that the coders are putting in.
The scene in these shots is the village we will use in the demo. Since we are still working on some details of the demo plot we cannot yet give you a name for the village but expect more details soon. The design is the typical design of a rural village with a well in the centre, apart from the awesome houses you can also see other new models like the plants, the pots and the trees made by our modellers.

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