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Yet another Anachronox review

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Sunday - July 08, 2001 - 08:23 -
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Games Domain has reviewed Anachronox, and awarded the game with 3 out of 5 stars. They really disliked the beginnings of the game:

    There's so much that's enjoyable in Anachronox - the story is excellent, the acting, animations, cutscenes, and environments are all enthralling and engaging. But Ion Storm seems absolutely dead set on making you scream with frustration for the long haul through the opening section of the game. Why obscure the story by causing the player to stop and spend hour after hour clicking on every person they meet just to see if what they say progresses their task? There's absolutely nothing wrong with filling the game with diverting, amusing characters that take you aside from the action for a small moment of humour, but after a time you've had enough of being diverted - you want desperately to be caught up in the plot and to stop you is criminal.
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