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Outcast 2 - New Diary entry

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Friday - January 11, 2002 - 13:14 -
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It has been a little quiet around Outcast 2 (for PS2) lately, but now gaminggroove spotted a new diary entry over at the official site. This diary features entries in a fictional diary from Manuel Gomez, xenobiologist of the Kronos project. Here's a bit:

    Still on the road, but no chance to see the creatures yet. However, I understood more about them by observing the traces that they leave on the ground, and their habitat. They must definitely be some kind of big bugs, and live in tunnels that they dig into different materials. The digging is done with the aid of some extremely corrosive substance. We actually had the chance of see this substance, in a small greenish pool, hidden among the vegetation. And luckily Grahalir was quick enough to push aside the trooper who was about to step on the pool before he got his foot melted… It was amazing. The poor fellow barely touched the surface of the pool with the heel of his boot, and that was enough to melt it. Luckily this substance seems to evaporate immediately, otherwise I’m pretty sure that we would be “kindly asked” to initiate new researches regarding it. I wouldn’t like to have to deal with that kind of substance, not to mention the fact that I doubt that any of our means can be used to build a container capable of resisting the corrosion and avoiding the evaporation of the substance.
Source: gaminggroove
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