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RF Online: Beta Journal @ Stratics

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Friday - January 27, 2006 - 20:04 -
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The good folk at Stratics have posted an RF Online beta journal.

Renowned for their great mechanical minds, intelligence and hand-eye coordination, the Bellato can construct huge armoured battle mechs and weapons to use in the war.

So the day begins and I awaken in the Bellato headquarters (HQ) a bit disoriented. I am Uii, a Bellato Ranger, eager, young, fresh and untested, but ready to do my part for the cause.

After a bit of rudimentary training in the training yard, I have the basic skills to move about, communicate with my kind, and fight the enemy! Back at HQ and perhaps overconfident from the training, I see before me a teleportation device. Without fear I step into the device and look over my choices for transport. As a newcomer to this world the choices mean nothing to me so I choose at random. I jump, startled, as I am engulfed in colored lights and whisked away to… to where? …to another place.

Recovering my composure and confidence, I find myself in a similar looking teleportation device. No smarter than before, I wander through a similar looking chamber to the one that I just departed, but it is different. Off to my left I can see stairs to the outside… ahh, surely I will find adventure in that direction! Seeing nothing else of particular interest I head down the stairs and find before me an elevated bridge to a green field surrounded by hills. Some sort of mechanical objects are wandering the field and I take a few steps to approach the bridge cautiously.
Source: Stratics
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