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RF Online: Peek #5 @ RPG Vault

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Friday - December 23, 2005 - 21:23 -
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RPG Vault takes us inside RF Online once more in the 5th in its series of preview articles.

In our last peek, we described the combat system in RF Online. But what is combat without weapons? Of course, you can always use your bare hands, but that won't do a lot of damage to that Accretian Warrior with the big shiny armour (unless your level is a lot higher than his). Therefore, you'll have to rely on something a little bit stronger, faster and more accurate than your fists. Today's peek is about the weapons that are common to all races and classes in RF Online.

RF Online being a blend of traditional fantasy and sci-fi gives you a huge choice in weapons, with a range of knives, swords, spears, maces, axes, hammers, staffs, bows, guns and throwing weapons. All of those are common to all the Bellato, the Cora and the Accretians (except the staffs, since Accretians do not practice magic). Some of the weapons are dual wield, some are one-handed (which allows you to hold a shield in your free hand), and some are two-handed. They all do different amounts of damage, and have different ranges, have critical rates and critical damage.
Source: RPG Vault
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