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Paradise Cracked Interview at Gamer's Hell

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Tuesday - November 19, 2002 - 03:06 -
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Gamer's Hell has conducted an interview with Vitaly Shutov of MiST Land about Paradise Cracked, their futuristic RPG. Here's something:
    Q: What is the main storyline behind the game?

    A: The game is set in distant future in a huge megapolis. The humanity is controlled by The Central Computer. People are happy. All their dreams came true. Now their lives are a set of virtual pleasures. They spend most of their time in cyberspace, having funů
    You play the part of a young hacker. Once, while in cyberspace, you come across a series of strange data packets. You manage to copy a few files to a memory crystal, but activate the alarm systemů In a few minutes, you hear a sound of the police siren, then a bang at your door a demand to openů
    Your goal is to know, what it was in this data pocket that made the police chase you. In the game there are no characters, who know everything. The player will have to pick up the information from different characters. Besides, very often different characters have different opinions on what happened. The Head of the Syndicate (the largest criminal organization in Low Town) will view it in one way; the Head of the Police will have a completely different opinion. Moreover, even at the very end of the game, the player may still be unaware of the real answer, and will have to replay the game in a different way to find it.
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