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The Legend of Ares Game Info
Description: Ares, Greek god of war, hatches a plot to increase his influence by conquering the continent of Arabic through war. In an effort to stop him, Kulam, one of Arabicís native gods, rises up and calls on his people to fight. In the midst of this, Athena, eternal enemy of Ares, tells Kulam the legend of how Ares came into power, and the secret of destroying Ares. It is here where The Legend of Ares begins.

Players of The Legend of Ares must choose sides between the Holy Empire and the Religious Alliance as they engage in questing, leveling, and warring, all leading to goals of: strength, territory, and honor. Whether itís discovering a new and innovative system, the immersion of a new world, joy of meeting new people, or the intensity of combat, come see why Legend of Ares has something for everybody!


Players have a number of choices when it comes to player vs. player warfare. In addition to individual skirmishes between players of rival nations there are Territorial Wars, which are organized events where members of both nations fight for control of areas on the map. Participants of the winning side will not only receive that territory for their nation, but also bonuses towards exp gain, money gain, attack power, and defensive capability.

Another way to for players to test their skills in combat is through Guild Wars. Player-created guilds can wage war on rival guilds regardless of nation.

Whatever aspect of PvP a person chooses, it will affect his/her standing in the honor system.


Whenever a player kills another player on an opposing side (whether it be from Nation vs. Nation or Guild vs. Guild), he/she will receive 1 honor point. When a player is killed from another player from war, he/she will lose 1 honor point. Depending on how many honor points, a player has attained, he/she will be given a rank. The higher the rank, the better the bonuses he/she will receive in terms of attack power and defense.

Customizable Items and Skills

With customizable weapons and skills, players will have the option to choose a combination of both amongst thousands of possibilities. Through an innovative enchant system and an extensive skill tree every character can be unique.
Release date: Q3 2006
Homepage: http://www.legendofares.com/
Publisher: MGame
Developer: MGame
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