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The Chronicles of Ny: Interview @ WithinGames

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Saturday - March 20, 2004 - 02:26 -
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Mithrandir from WithinGames dropped us a note to let us know they've posted the first interview with ClownKeep on 'The Chronicles of Ny'. Here's a snip from David LaRocca, founder of ClownKeep and Project leader and Bruce Muncher, Lead Writer and Lead Game Designer:
There will be adventurerīs joining our party on our quest against the evil. How many people can there be in the party and how does the buildup affect the gameplay?

Bruce: The game starts with the Player and One NPC. This PC can be dismissed if desired. Up to three NPCīs can be a part of the adventuring party. Group make-up is very important, because you donīt directly control the NPCīs You can easily view them and be aware of their strengths and drawbacks, but they do have their own goals, motivations and needs and finding the right mix of NPCīs is a part of the fun. You can control them through dialogue, but if you find someone that just wonīt listen, it might not matter if he or she is a great fighter. Your party composition is also important because your character has only basic skills. If you add a couple of great fighters to your party, you will be free to develop in many other areas. But if you donīt have some muscle up front, youīre going to be focusing a lot of your talents in fighting.

David: This is one of the many things that are unique about "The Chronicles of Ny". In every RPG I have played, and thatīs a lot, the party members do whatever the player wants them to. Thatīs nice, it makes the game easier to play, but if a giant arrow selected me and told me to jump off a cliff I would think twice before doing so. The people in your party have personalities and motivations, if player doesnīt like that person then they get rid of them and find someone more compatible.
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