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The Forgotten World Game Info
Description: [from the official homepage]
The Forgotten World is a unique mix of RTS, RPG, FPW fantasy strategy.
Each scenario is played on a new, totally different and geographically integrated world map. On the Travel map, players can examine the terrain and move the banner that represents their armies over the territory and shallow sea to visit towns, villages, fortresses and more than 130 kinds of buildings. Players can visit their own buildings as well as conquer enemy buildings. The player has to combine RTS-view with the FPS-view in order to uncover the numerous bushes beneath the canopies of thick forests.
The player will spend lots of time exploring the maps and lands, collecting items, money and units, building up his army and engaging in battle. The number and variety of characters that can join your party and fight for and with you is outstanding. A random item generator allows the player to find hundreds of different weapons, items and spells, each of them having its own amazing effects.
A diplomatic system allows alliances and betrayals to play their part in the campaign story.
When the player meets the enemy banner on the map, the fight begins: the Battle Map comes up with all the units represented as especially detailed and animated 3d models. The real time oriented fight in which heroes can remain alive all the way to the final fight (due to the SafeArea) is especially attractive. It ensures the full and intense use of magic and items. There are bonuses for warunits and heroes like slightly improved speed and hitpoints, with spells like bloodness, healing, vampiric breath etc...
Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.theforgottenworld.com
Developer: Provox Multimedia
Screenshots: The Forgotten World Gallery
On the Net:
- Introducing The Forgotten World (11.06.03)

- The Forgotten World: Screenshots @ Gamer's Hell (05.24.04)
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