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Jagged Alliance 3D: Interview @ CRPG.ru

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Wednesday - April 20, 2005 - 22:21 -
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Thanks to CRPG.ru for letting us know about an interview they have with Yaroslav Astakhov from MiSTland South to talk about 'Jagged Alliance 3D'. Here's an excerpt:
CRPG.ru: The first news about the game were confusing. There was something about JA2UB remake, then it was “not the story, but the scale of events”, then suddenly it’s a brand new game. So, what’s the final version? What’s the plot, the main hero role, game factions?

MiST land–South: We didn’t promise a remake. It was about the scale of events, although in the end we put JA2UB completely away. It was the worst game in the series, and we didn’t want to repeat its mistakes.

MiST land–South: The game takes place in some African country. After political upturn dictator rules the land, but situation slowly turns into chaos. There are many factions: farmers that are trying to retake their lands, marauders, ex-government and UN contingent, fighting each other and dictator’s forces. The player must choose his side of conflict, and this choice will affect starting position, storyline, balance of powers and possible ending of the game.
I love the bit at the very end about them being sick of people confusing JA3D and JA3...
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