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Horizons Q&A with David Bowman

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Wednesday - January 22, 2003 - 01:25 -
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HorizonsVault has conducted an interview with David Bowman talking about their MMORPG Horizons of course - here's a teaser:
    What kind of trade skill system are you planning? How extensive and how important will it be? What kinds of objects will players be able to build, and will there be larger items/projects, such as buildings, that require cooperation among groups of players? How feasible will it be to play and advance a low-combat or no-combat character?

    David Bowman: Players are the source of the vast majority of items in the game. The only exceptions today are the starting equipment that players receive when they join a school, quest items, and certain resources that can be used for immediate effect. The briefest possible description of the trade system is that players obtain resources from the world. Based on formulae (formulae represent the specific knowledge of crafting) for creating items, the players use their tools, machines and skills to reform and combine the resources into new items. The skill of the crafter determines their efficiency in this process. It is possible for a crafter to risk their resources in an attempt to skimp on the necessary resources during creation, but such gambles are not mandatory.

    In addition to items such as equipment, it is also the player’s function to construct new buildings and new communities. Using resources, tools and skills, the players can construct the many structures of the world. Players could do this out of the kindness of their heart, or they could choose to be compensated by the owner of the land upon which they are building. Both item creation and structure building result in players becoming more skilled in their craft. So it is perfectly viable to grow your character through construction not just conflict.
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