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Shadows of Winter Game Info
Description: Shadows of Winter is a Dungeon Siege Mod, currently being developed by Electrofiction. Here is a bit on the background of the game:
The continent of Alirak had been unified under the power of the Kings of Elurn for over a thousand years until King Gilirand died without an heir while touring the southern reaches of the realm.

The nobles of the realm gathered to choose a new King. Alazar Brand, a distant cousin to the King and a descendent of King Orthu Brand II who ruled Elurn 150 years earlier, was chosen to be the new High King.

A few of the kindoms' nobles disagreed with this, feeling that their own claim to the throne was much stronger than that of Alazar Brand's. This lead to turmoil in the Lands of Men, and eventually became a rebellion against the king lead by Duke Salitas Ghen.

The war has now raged across the land for Twelve years, leaving many of the kingdoms' citizens dead or without homes. To make matters worse, a drought has hit the southern reaches of the kingdom and a plauge is moving from the east.

The only relatively peaceful place in the kingdom is to the north.

But that is about to change for the North as well. The seed of destruction and terror has been planted, and an Ancient Evil has awoken to reclaim all of existence.
Release date: Cancelled
Homepage: http://www.planetdungeonsiege.com/shadowsofwinter
Developer: Electrofiction
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