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Dominus Online Progress Report

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Tuesday - April 08, 2003 - 06:48 -
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The Dominus Online site has been updated with something like a progress report:
This is a little section I like to call Past and Present. This gives you an update of what was completed last month, and what we are currently working on.
What we achieved last month,
1. Fixed a problem where rotation was incorrect
2. Fixed issue where players would crash when other players would log in and out.
3. Fixed duplicate player logins which caused update issues.
4. Fixed model bugs. Incorrect player model showing
5. Fixed a bug where players would not show up when first logged in.
6. Game load up screen changed a bit.
7. Connection screen updated.
8. Chat server /who bug fixed
9. A lot of server updates.
10. Login security added to avoid double logins
11. Specular lighting has been fixed
12. The Sun light's radiance has been fixed
13. Render states not being used properly in the landscape was causing specular and other lighting to cause tons of light reflection on models. That has been fixed.
What we are currently working on
Started work on creating and adding mobs(see below for first to be created) and getting some of the other towns/cities in the game.
Also working on giving a better look to the GUI.
The page also holds a rendered pic of a sabledragon.
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