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LotR: The Third Age (PS2) - Review @ WorthPlaying

(PS2: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Kristophe @ Saturday - December 11, 2004 - 13:25 -
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WorthPlaying's Gordy Wheeler presents his "refreshingly straightforward" review of the PS2 version of LotR: The Third Age...

While Third Age is pretty much just an example of running around with a checklist full of quests and a good combat engine while decimating the Orcish ecology of Middle Earth, it's a really well done example of such. If you go into this game expecting a plot on average with a high school lunchtable AD&D game (complete with people calling each other "Elf" and "Ranger" in place of actual names), and if you shrug off the fact that it's basically a soulless Stepford Wife of an RPG, it can be really fun. This sounds like damning with faint praise, but it's not. While the game does lean too heavily on the movie footage and voiceovers, sometimes you just need to take a long dungeon crawl and go hunting up some ancient artifact weapons so you can fight off monsters, y'know?

Gordy finishes up by awarding LotR an overall grading of 7.0 out of 10.
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