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Divine Divinity: Lizard Monster Gallery

Myrthos, 2002-09-10

Adventurers have always loved new adventures and new exciting times. Most of them died by the hand of a monster, bigger, stronger or even smarter than the adventurer. From those that survived many tales could be heard and many of those tales have been listed in the Rivellon Book of Monsters, of which we bring you an excerpt today.

There is nothing to like about the green skinned, cold blooded creatures that are called lizards. As Kyro, an adventurer of many years ago already said: "The only good lizards are the ones I just slayed". Unfortunately he found his end while trying to bring this in to practice at the wrong time and the wrong place. One can dislike the lizards, but one should never underestimate them.

The Lizards
Lizards like sewers and no sewer is bigger than the sewers of Verdistis. It's not a place many adventurer goes, so we are not sure of the amount of lizards you will find there. But there must be many as only a few of those who entered the sewers ever returned from them. From the stories they brought back with them we made an overview of the different lizards you might find there. But be aware there might be more horrors roaming the sewers than the lizards we describe here.....

  • Lizard Warrior
    The warriors are melee fighters, the easiest of all lizards. They hardly ever travel alone. As long as the packs are not to large, they should be not too much of a problem for an experienced adventurer.

  • Lizard Assassin
    Assassins are sneaky and are much harder to kill than a warrior. They like to kill from a distance and shoot their arrows towards you. The damage from the arrows is not so high, but they like to dip their arrows in poison before they shoot one in your direction, which makes it sometimes real nasty when you get hit.
    lizard asassin video (254K, DivX)

  • Fanatic Lizard
    There is nothing to like about fanatics of any kind and especially not about fanatic lizards. The reports are contradicting each other, but it appears that the fanatic lizards holds some kind of glowing balls that they throw towards you. You better take cover as they appear to be doing a lot of damage with them. As fanatics go, they also have a tendency to be harder to kill than the before mentioned lizards.
    fanatic lizard video (570K, DivX)

  • Lizard Mage
    Lizard Archmage

    The first thing a mage will do when it sees you is summon some skeletons that will keep you occupied long enough for it to try to electrocute you with some lightning spells. The mages are not well protected and as such should be easy to kill. However they aren't. You have to kill them quickly, because they regenerate rather fast. So you should make sure you are not disturbed and as such you should try getting rid of all other lizards and summoned skeletons in the neighborhood first, before going after the mages themselves.
    The archmage behaves identical to the mage. The only difference between them is that the archmage is a bit harder to kill.
    lizard mage video (820K, DivX)

  • Thunder Lizard
    Lightning Lizard

    Both thunder and lightning lizards like to throw rods of lightning at you. The thunder lightning lizard is the weakest of the two, even though it's stronger than a warrior and it's rods of lightning appear to do a tad bit less damage. Unfortunately neither the thunder nor the lightning lizard are ever alone. When you see one, be prepared to encounter other lizards as well.
    lightning lizard video (575K, DivX)

Advice for the adventurer
Leave your poison at home as it's useless on the lizards. They drink it like water and has apparently no effect on them. But lizards burn very well, so you might want to make sure you are able to use fire and lightning on them. Although you should be aware that the thunder and lightning lizards like lightning and as such it has little to no effect on them. What also seems to help is using spiritual magic on them, but not all lizards respond in the same way to it. For some reason mages and the fanatics are not so affected by it.
In general one can only say that only the experienced adventurer should try to fight things out with the lizards. They are no match to the inexperienced and careless adventurers.

TheDragon Worshippers
Lizards really like dragons and are sometimes even go so far as that they are referred to as dragon worshippers. Where they are you'll find one or more dragons also. Rumors have reached us from the far south that tell horrid stories of death an mutilations that are inflicted by them. When you encounter them you better walk carefully as they are much tougher than the average lizard.
There are records of warriors, assassins and fanatics that are known to worship the dragons. However as not much is known to them, we can not be sure of that, there might be other even mightier lizards waiting for you....

dragon worshippers video (1M, DivX)

Advice for the adventurer
What we do know is that the dragon worshippers don't care much about poison and lightning damage, unlike their brothers and sisters we described before. Even fire doesn't harm them that much. Some appear to not take spiritual damage very well, but there are reports contradicting this as well. What we do know is that they are tough, much tougher than the regular lizards and they will try to get their poisonous claws in you. So be sure to take some antidote with you on your travels. After all it's not you that should be slayed....

All videos are in DivX 5 format. If you don't have it, get it here.


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