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EQ: Champions of Norrath (PS2) - Preview @ GamingWorld X

(PS2: Single- & Multi-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Friday - October 24, 2003 - 19:28 -
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GamingWorld X has previewed 'EverQuest: Champions of Norrath' for Playstation 2.

Here's an excerpt:
The wildly popular EverQuest universe is a vast world for the PC gamer to get his/her massively multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) groove on. The game and itís expansions have sold millions, and jump-started a phenomenon of online weddings and life long friendships. So imagining EverQuest leaving itís MMORPG roots in favor of an action/RPG is almost unfathomable. For EQ fans, rest easy; the epic online game isnít going anywhere, and the same can be said to fans of the PlayStation 2ís EverQuest Online Adventures. But to fans of Baldurís Gate: Dark Alliance, SOE and Snowblind Studios has something special in mind for you.
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