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RPGDot Game Rating Machine
jhonny has rated the following games:

Black & White: 1/10 points

Worst game to actually be playable. This doesn't suck because of bad graphics or bugs. It sucks because its a boring piece of crap. Almost as bad as the sims

Gateway to the Savage Frontier: 9/10 points

Gold Box Rulesssssssss.

Worlds of Ultima 1 - The Savage Empire: 8/10 points

Sure, its not strictly an ultima game. But it had an interesting story and a great setting. Very creative and fun.

Worlds of Ultima 2 - Martian Dreams: 10/10 points

The best ultima ever. Sure ultima 7 had a great story and all, but come on, it can't beat roleplaying on Mars. And the plethora of historical figures makes it what edutainment should be. We want a sequal nowwww.
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