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Horizons Preview @ UGO

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Saturday - September 06, 2003 - 04:43 -
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Horizons: Empire of Istaria has been previewed at UGO. Here's some of the action:
Unlike Galaxies or Anarchy Online, Horizons won't be trying anything radical, setting-wise. It's a standard fantasy world for this MMO, chalk full of orcs, elves and, oh yes, dragons. But we've all seen this before. The armies of men fight the orcs and dragons for the freedom of the world and everyone skips off into the sunset, tralala. Ah, but not so fast, Skippy. Who ever said that dragons had to be bad? Didn't you see Pete's Dragon? Dragonheart? Reign of Fi—err forget the last one. My point is that, sometimes, dragons are of the intelligent, fun-loving, Scottish brogue variety. It's these dragons, presumably, that inhabit the Empire of Istaria in Horizons. But don't think that you'll just be running around the land with a dragon buddy, ready and willing to see to your every whim. No, the dragons are a proud race, not to be harnessed by the powers of men. So, instead, they're harnessed by you, the player. In a move that does rather well to separate Horizons from the MMO pack, dragons will be one of the nine playable races in the game.
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