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Tom Hall Interview @ E-Boredom

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Monday - August 02, 2004 - 18:06 -
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Thanks to Mat for E-Boredom for letting us know about an interview they did with Tom Hall, Designer of the much uner-rated 'Anachronox':
E-BOREDOM: Chrono Trigger was an inspiration for Anachronox. What makes console RPGS different from CRPGs and what aspects of Chrono Trigger did you try and bring into your game?

TOM HALL: Console RPGs tend to feature epic, sweeping stories, a variety of experience/gameplay, list-interface combat, lots of equipment shopping, and less of a stats and treasure focus than CRPGs. Chrono Trigger had multiple paths through, and different characters, and cool moments, like the party sitting around the campfire talking about regret, and the trial for all the bad things you did previously in the game -- that was genius. All the endings and time-traveling puzzles were cool too!

In Anachronox, I wanted to bring over the epic adventure, the variety of experience, and the multiple pathways through. Also the nice little sense of humor.
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