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Archangel: Movies @ Games Domain

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Thursday - September 05, 2002 - 17:30 -
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Not sure if these are new but Games Domain's "What's New" section holds links to two Archangel movies. Both AVI files are obviously trailers for Metropolis' 3rd person action RPG.
    Archangel is the third person game (with first person view option) which joins role-playing and action-game genres. Player faces highly performed plausible major character and many other peripheral figures, who are not passive, but take active part in action.

    The action of ARCHANGEL takes place in three different epochs and in different locations. Game combines techno-thriller, horror and fantasy styles. The age-old legend mixes with technologically advanced reality.

    ARCHANGEL is supported by powerful engine created specially for this game by our best programmers. Thanks to that game contains both inside and outside highly extensive maps. We made very good challenging complex gameplay packed with adventure and combat - everything for fun!
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