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The Westerner (aka Wanted: A Wild, Western Adventure): Review @ Just Adventure

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Kristophe @ Thursday - October 14, 2004 - 10:56 -
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Just Adventure's James Saighman gives us his rather unreceptive review of Wanted: A Wild, Western Adventure - in which he gives it an overall grade of "C"...

I find myself in real turmoil about summing up my overall impression of Wanted. Half of the humor worked… half of it didn’t. Wonderful original graphics but some lackadaisical voice acting. Great and fun inventory puzzling, but offensively difficult arcade/shooting sequences which will prevent most players from finishing the game. Great parody storyline combined with the most blatant and gratuitous rip-off of another game I have ever encountered.

With a few changes, Wanted could have been a really good game—one of the best of the year—despite some of its flaws. But the twitch requirements and the insult sword — errrr… sarsaparilla duels, combined to cast a deathly pallor over the entire experience. If Revistronic had left out the insult dueling and provided a workaround to the shooting scenarios, I’d be giving Wanted an A-. As the game exists now, I have to give it a much lower grade as well as providing my opening caveat that I don’t recommend purchasing it to the vast majority of adventure gamers.
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