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Gladius (GC): Review @ Worthplaying

(GameCube: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Monday - December 08, 2003 - 15:11 -
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A review of the GameCube version of LucasArts' gladiator themed RPG 'Gladius' can be found at Worthplaying today. Rating: 7/10.
Gladius is a hard game to form a solid opinion on. While the battle system is intuitive and deep at the same time (which I feel is the best formula for a Strategy RPG), the rest of the game suffers. The story is long-winded and uninteresting, the world map segments are bad both graphically and control-wise, and the load times are too frequent and too long, to the point of being almost intolerable. Still, most of the time spent playing the game takes place within the battle system; the other parts are simply there to flesh out the experience. The bottom line is this: Gladius may do a lot of things well, but not nearly well enough; there are many other games that have been released both before and after this game, that handle the Strategy RPG formula much better than LucasArts has here. Couple that with the aforementioned below-average graphics, boring storyline, and and horrible load times, and you’ve got a game that may appeal to some, but not to most.
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