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Black Queen Chronicles Mod Short Review

Rinuel, 2002-04-25

Tenaka last mod analyzed

Beware who you trust

Joining three of the most interesting mods released, Prison Ship Escape, Morgiah's Destiny and Savant Armor Quest, the Black Queen Chronicles mod offers a main quest, interesting side quests and some additional content.

First of all, be very aware to download the latest 2.1 version, since lots of bugs were fixed in many updates until this final version, and also be warned that there are some light sexual topics here.

Graphically, the games gives some nice updates, mostly buildings, clothes and creatures, nothing too outstanding but all models are well done, with a rather professional feel to it. Otherwise, the Morrowind engine still looks as good as always one year after its release.
However most of the content that comes with the mod is provided in the main quest, and both ups and downs are coming with that. The writing is excellent, the storyline is absolutely top notch, and most welcome is how it's integrated with the Elder Scrolls lore.
Tthe biggest problem the mod has is at the beginning, where you are to pay a visit to a prison and a shrine; both of them are fairly empty and don't seem to have sense with the environment they are trying to portrait, where you can find many sacks with powerful loot spread in empty rooms full of monsters.

However, once you meet the Queen Morgiah, the mod raises the quality exponentially, where you will get to play some scripted events worth of notice. The Castle of the Queen is very well designed, although it suffers from framerate problems, and from there all the places you will visit are very interesting and much better developed. There are enough side quests to get you satisfied, while the enemies are hard enough to be a challenge for high level players.
Overall, this mod is very enjoyable, the storyline has an epic feel to it, since you will be along with the nobility of Tamriel and will find powerful allies, and has some interesting twists along the way. It also adds some events like you have never before experienced - even in the original game. But as I said, the beginning of the mod really hurts the overall quality, and so I would rate the mod with a



The Verdict
Graphics (15%) 90%
Sound (15%) 85%
Control (25%) 84%
Fun (45%) 89%
Overall 87%

The ups and downs:
Great plot with interesting twBeginning could be better
Many sidequestsFramerate problems
Great design

Reviewer's System
Version: 2.5
CPU: AMD XP 1900
RAM: 640
Graphics Radeon 9700
Sound SB Audigy
OS: Windows XP

Average Reader Ratings: 8.56 (1278 votes)
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