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Two new Anachronox reviews

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Friday - July 27, 2001 - 07:09 -
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There are two new reviews of Anachronox on the net now, the first being at Gamezone. Overall rating is 8/10, and here's a short bit from the storyline:

    The game begins with a down-on-his-luck private investigator named ‘Sly’ Boots. His guide through the game is a computer device featuring a dead secretary named Fatima. After she died, her brain matrix was digitized and she lives in a LifeCursor – a.k.a. the game cursor. Anyway, she will provide you with suggestions for proceeding, as well as keep track of your goals, and supply some information you may need on the trek.

    As for Sly, well, he isn’t much good at fighting, is out of money, owes money and needs a job. The game’s first introduction to him is seeing him pounded and tossed out a window at Rowdy’s, a saloon on Anachronox. After checking around, he gets a tip about a girl that is exploring the MysTech caves that lie beneath the ever-changing, rotating mechanical world of Anachronox. So he sets off to find her, and along the way, gets pounded a little more. A side trip to Whackmaster Jack’s, to learn about beefiness, beat, speed and beat block (which are terms used for the fighting arts on this world), cures some of that.

    He finally meets the girl in the underbelly tenement levels of the mechanized planet. She is missing an arm and leg, torn off by the foul creatures roaming the tunnels. Is that going to set you back? Don’t think so. Her boss is the one you need to talk to, an old man with a staff that looks like an overgrown dwarf. His name is Grumpos Matavastros, and while the first encounter seems to suggest that he is named Grump-os for a reason, he soon becomes a valuable ally.

The second review can be found at Gaming Age. Their rating is B+, and this is what they have to say about graphics:

    The graphics in Anachronox can best be summed up by an old off-color remark you´ve probably heard before- "It´s not the size that counts, but how you use it". Anachronox runs off a heavily modified Quake 2 engine, and despite that engine´s age, Anachronox is a pretty attractive game. Smart and inventive level design, excellent use of ambient lighting, and quality artwork bring the various worlds of Anachronox to life far better than one would expect for a game using four-year old technology. Especially stunning are Anachronox´s real-time cutscenes, which through excellent camera, animation, and artwork, really bring the compelling story of Anachronox to life. That´s not to say that the vestiges of older technology are not present, but that the Anachronox team´s consistent attention to detail successfully diverted my attention away from it, save for frequent and somewhat lengthy loading times between areas, which are bound to annoy even the most patient of gamers. Audio is also of high quality in Anachronox, with each area or action sequence of the game having a fitting musical score that fits it like a glove. There aren´t any "stand out" tracks like you might find in a Final Fantasy or Lunar, but Anachronox´s more ambient style is nevertheless quite compelling in its own right.
Source: BluesNews
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