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Face of Mankind: Exclusive Screenshots
Wouter "Hyrrix" Ryckbosch, 2003-10-22

After the interview the freshly appointed chief Game Master for Face of Mankind, Dirk Behrend, earlier this week; the folks from Duplex sent us over some exclusive screenshots to present for your viewing pleasure.

Face of Mankind is a sci-fi MMORPG that takes place in the 24th century. Key elements of the game are without any doubt the emphasize on the epic story-line that promises to evolve around the players themselves and the detailed economic system. The world of Face of Mankind will mainly consist of 5 major cities, 20 colonies and 2 special places. Several Federal Institutions, Companies and Clans will be waiting for you to join them to help them achieve their own specific goals and most of all: global domination. If you wish to learn more about the game, you can find tons of interesting information over at the official website.


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Alexandria, Berlin - Planet Earth. Four major cities on the planet Earth will be among the places you can visit in the game. This screenshot has been taken in 24th century Berlin, in the Alexandria citypart.




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This screenshot shows off a few Marketing Terminals in the space colony of Epsilon Eridani. More information about the economics system of Face of Mankind can be found here.



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Here you can clearly see the outside landscape of that same colony Epsilon Eridani. With around 10 light years the Epsilon Eridani system is very near to Earth. It's a sole ice planet with surface temperatures from -5 down to -100 C. The planet needs 2502 days to move in the orbit around its parent sun. The orbit is very elliptic, so there are very long summers and winters (creating these different temperatures).




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This shot gives you a glimp of the space colony of Espen Paradise. The colony complex of Espen Paradise is a mobile station over the surface of the planet 16 Cygni B's moon Espen, a world with a mass similar to Earth. The moon undergoes such drastic seasonal changes that its oceans boil into the atmosphere during the summer and glaciate during the winter. This fantastic natural spectacle was the reason to build a vacation colony there named Espen Paradise, although this world obviously is not like paradise.



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Pax Prime, shown on this screenshot, is clearly a mining colony. On the moon Pax of planet 79 Ceti b, the Colonization and Mining Guild established the so far most distant colony, named Pax Prime. It is a moderately tempered world with a rocky surface and large canyons. Pax Prime is the eye of mankind and a source for many rare metallic raw materials.




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A wonderful screenshot taken in the space colony of Pegasi 51. The planet itself is much like Jupiter's moon Io and has a lot of tectonic acitivity, including massive volcanoes. The colony itself is located on a rock plateau where it is relatively safe from these volcanic oceans.





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