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UO: How does it feel to be raped?

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Monday - March 11, 2002 - 07:31 -
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Over at Stratics, there is an editorial about "The Power of Words", a closer look at an action that was set by Origin in December: to make the use of the word "rape" in the game a bannable offense story). Here's a part of this editorial:
    Let's say you killed my avatar, and stood over my corpse and said "I raped your [fill in the blank]!" You may be saying, "I owned you," however, that's only half of the picture. You have given me the responsibility of trying to understand not just what you mean, but the context and intention of your one sentence.

    Let me illustrate:

    * What does the PK mean when he says that he "raped" me? Does he mean that he killed me so well that I'm "owned"? Or is he attempting to illustrate a non-consensual violent act upon my person?
    * What's the context of this exchange? He's killed me, obviously.
    * What's his intention? To me, you intend to show me that you've successfully dominated me, and I am supposed to, by the simple use of the word "raped," to feel anger at this violation.

    Of course, these thoughts go quickly through my mind. They may not even register if at all. And yet, one simple word has brought about such responsibility where I have to decipher another person's intent. The question then becomes do I want this responsibility?
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