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Realms of Torment Beta to begin January 19th

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Friday - January 10, 2003 - 15:27 -
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The official site for Realms of Torment announces that the beta will begin January 19th.
    More information on testing:

    Meeting the requirements
    Athlon 1GHz or above/equivalent PC
    GeForce3Ti200 or above/equivalent 3D card (must support OpenGL 1.2)
    256 MB RAM or more

    Broadband Internet connection is recommended. Testers with 56k will also be selected, however there will most likely be large updates that will need to be downloaded as the build is updated with new features/patches.

    Have enough free time to test. You must meet the developers GMT+2/9am-18pm work hours time and be willing to test almost every day of the week. If we discover users are not testing to the best of their ability, their spots will be given to more eligible candidates.

    Have experience in beta testing other games (especially mmorpgs).

    Be an active participant on our forums.

    Have a basic understanding of the games current game design/gameplay concepts.

    Filling out and submitting the Non Disclosure Agreement if you are selected for testing.
    Emails will be going out to selected testers in the next few days.
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