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RF Online: New Lore @ Official Site

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Sunday - January 08, 2006 - 20:09 -
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The first lore chapter for 2006 is available at the official RF Online site.
Chapter 8: Conception


The Accretia planet was an inhospitable place, boasting the largest ocean in the sector, twinned with continents that were composed 65% desert. The land itself was dry and infertile and these hostile conditions made the environment unliveable. What lacked above ground, thrived below the surface with underground resources in abundance, fresh water flowing in underground rivers giving creatures their nourishment. With such a diversity of life below the surface, civilization on the Accretia planet thrived and evolved. With such a variety of assets on this planet the research group from the EMC used it as a Headquarters for their research and development lab.
Source: RF Online
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