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Vanguard: New Lore @ Official Site

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Sunday - November 20, 2005 - 20:38 -
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Part two of the Chronicle of the Shieldbearer lore puzzle is up at the official Vanguard site.

We’ve made progress on the scrolls here. I am concerned that I have not heard from you, but I work on, knowing that you will contact me when you will. We have begun identifying the vowels. Luckily, this language seems to be much like our own. Scrys into the weft of these words has given us some knowledge of the thoughts of the writer. Alchemical work has told us more of the age of these scrolls. Ancient does not begin to explain the age of this script, which I am calling Precursor.

It is certainly an alphabet, which means this is not the oldest writing that can be. We know the picture writing we have found is much older. That said, this Precursor script very well could be the origin of the script we use today. We call this alphabet “Alefbasah,” after the likely sounds of the first three letters.

Language back then was similar to our language now. We have diverged and come together. I think we will soon be able to read these ancient words.

Your faithful son
Source: Vanguard
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