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Ultima 8 Remake - Exile: Game Info, Fact Sheet (Back to contents)

'Ultima VIII - Exile is a project dedicated to reproducing the original Ultima VIII - Pagan using the capabilities of new technology and fixing the problems in the original game.'


Exile is going to recreate Ultima VIII as a mod for Neverwinter Nights. This brings the opportunity to incorporate a German translation and the possibility to play a female Avatar. The team is very much aware that not all will like the d&d rules for ultima, but they seem confident that they can very well balance the quests, xp's and levelling. Judging from the first screenshots they manage to give the game a real ultima look and feel by adding custom made content.

Story & Background

On their forums you will find discussions on then numerous flaws in the background, inconsistencies in the plot and unexplained loose ends caused by the deadline driven publication of the game. To give you an idea of the answers and explanations Exile might give you:

  • How did the Obelisk tip into the possesion of Kumash Gor?
  • Where exactly is the Revenge Bay?
  • The Tear of Seas story was sort of incomplete.
  • The vision thing at the birthplace of Moriens was in U 8 was a dead end.
  • The whole story with Morghim and the Silver Seed was not explained.
  • How does Mordra left Pagan?
  • How does the Guardian left Pagan after he destroyed his black gate (the obelisk)?
  • All say Karthax Lake was under earth. But it is NOT.....
    And some (carefully selected) random quotes:
  • 'Exile could make claer that its the titans fault, that the sky is still dark.(the "nuclear winter" from the battle was hold up over centuries) And should explain, why they not want the sky to clear and the sun from shining again.'
  • 'We only heard the Pagan view of history. Maybe the Avatar can also hear the Zealan view of the story? (maybe in the Lost Vale?)'
  • 'There should be a quest, to rearrange contact between the Zealan gods and thier followers in the Lost Vale. (I think, Lithos put a a barrier to block the floth of emotions towars the gods from thier followers)'


    At this time, there is no expected release date. They keep you updated on a progress page at their site. Over all, they seem to be close to the release of a demo and working steadily toward an overall 20 %.

    Q: Any idea the release date?
    A1: When were done.
    A2: Yup. When we're done.


    An eight headed team works steadily on this Ultima 8 remake. It seems to be a very strong team on dialogue and ultima 8 background.

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