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The Legend of Ares: 2nd Closed Beta Details

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Wednesday - May 03, 2006 - 10:00 -
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MGame sent us an update on the 2nd Closed Beta for 'The Legend of Ares':
Our 2nd closed beta starts on 5/3 Wednesday, approx. at 3PM Pacific Time for FREE.

Title: 2nd Closed Beta Launch for All! (5/3/06)


Throughout the duration of our first Closed Beta we have received many comments and suggestions about The Legend of Ares ranging from user interface to general gameplay. During the break between Closed Betas we have gathered these comments and have implemented several changes to resolve these issues.

After countless hours of coffee and sleepless nights the folks here at MGame are extremely excited to announce the details for the second Closed Beta of The Legend of Ares!


One of the biggest comments that our users contributed regarding The Legend of Ares dealt with the user interface(particularly in the area of character control).

So the MGame development team has fully altered the system to include those things that users wanted most. We have:

- implemented a new camera angle option where players can change angles by holding down the wheel button on the mouse.

- set up an auto attack feature that is triggered by double clicking on the monster.

- designed a new movement interface where players have the option of using W, A, D to control their charactersąŻ movement (no S as characters do not move backwards).


For the second Closed Beta, players will continue to receive those benefits that were given throughout the first Closed Beta.

These benefits will consists of a 200% increase in exp gain as well as an increase in the drop rate for magical items.

We will also continue to run events throughout the second Closed Beta, which are as follows:

National War

There will be several scheduled PvP events where players of each nation will be able to teleport to a map and fight for the glory of their nation.

The rules are simple.

Whichever side scores more points than the other in the span of an hour will win the war. Players will be able to gain points by either killing enemy players or destroying any one of three symbols throughout the map.

The schedule for National wars will be as follows (all times will be held in PST):

05/05/2006 12-1 pm / 7-8 pm
05/06/2006 12-1 pm / 7-8 pm
05/07/2006 12-1 pm / 7-8 pm

Surprise Events

Some of the events that were held in the first Closed Beta will continue to be held throughout the days of our second Closed Beta.
The times for the events will not be disclosed until right before it happens; however, we will post what type of events they are:

- Quiz Event : GMs will post questions throughout the day, and the first of those to respond will receive prizes

- GM shop : GMs will set up shops throughout the map to sell valuable items for 1 Segel/Daric

- Monster Events : Several different types of monsters are going to try and invade the villages of several lands. Players should gather up to stop them from infesting and over-running the towns.

Find the Bug

Because of the immensely helpful contributions players have submitted during our first Closed Beta, we have decided to reward those who are equally helpful for our second.

With this in mind we have decided to run an event where prizes will be awarded to those players who submit the most helpful bug report through our email, suggestion@legendofares.com.

The criteria for a prize-winning submission will be as follows:
a submission with a critical bug in the shortest amount of time.

The prizes will be as follows:

1st / +7 weapon scroll (1 winners)
2nd / +5 weapon scroll (3 winners)
3rd / +3 wep & +3 armor (5 winners)
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