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Gladius (GC): Review @ Armchair Empire

(GameCube: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Wednesday - December 17, 2003 - 15:54 -
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The Armchair Empire has reviewed LucasArts' gladiator themed RPG 'Gladius' for GameCube. Rating: 6.6/10 points.
In the great dark ages, turn based strategy games weren't exactly all the rage. Brainy gamers everywhere would spend their Saturday nights with Shining Force, dine with X-Com and maybe, just maybe, cuddle with their imports of Front Mission. Unfortunately, beyond that, pickings were pretty slim. Thanks to our new enlightened age, however, designers are willing to step into this long neglected genre and take a few chances with it. And here we have Gladius.
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