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Eriadain site back online

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Thursday - August 30, 2001 - 08:42 -
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All who were worried about the Ultima 9 remake project Eriadain, head over here to the new official site. Unlike many other Ultima remakes Eriadain doesn't use the Dungeons Siege engine, but the Neverwinter Nights engine, here's a snip from the FAQ about that fact:

    We used to be in hiatus.When Eriadain was started, Moa was the only one working on the project. He started using RPG Maker 95, a basic, but suitable engine for the small project. RPG Maker 2000 was released several months later, but it was not possible to transfer the old game to RPG 2k. Moa decided to start the game over on RPG 2k. After several months of lonely programming, Moa decided to get a life. He no longer had the time to accomplish his goal of a proper end of an era. Moa made the decision to switch to Verge, a much more versatile engine that could support many programmers, and eventually
    Neverwinter Nights proved to be a better solution.. Just because other projects use Dungeon
    Siege doesn't mean have to. The reason are :

    -Multiplayer, which is not important in itself but will be useful for our
    pre-releases and public tests.
    -Highly customizable too
    -More art & ressource available from the start, more animations.
    -Development faster.
    -RM2K & RM95 development proved it possible and info/video about NWN showed
    that the two engines are almost the same when it comes to editing and
    scripting abilities are the same. This should allow to keep the gameplay
    of previous indev versions, with a lot of improvements. And that's what Eriadain
    is aiming at.

    And I swear it on my ass that we'll never change engine again.
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