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Realms of Arkania: Drakensang - Official Announcement, Forums and More

(PC: Single- & Multi-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Friday - April 21, 2006 - 22:53 -
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Those who followed yesterday's thread right through will have already seen this material. For who didn't, here's a catch up on all the news - with much help from our community.

First, the official title is Drakensang: The Dark Eye and here's the press release from dtp/Anaconda:
ANACONDA announces epic new party-based RPG Drakensang, coming Q4 2007 for PC

21-04-06 14:55

Hamburg, Germany: April 21, 2006 – ANACONDA, German publisher dtp’s adventure and RPG label, reveals one of the most exciting RPG projects of the next year. Set for release in the 4th quarter of 2007, Drakensang: The Dark Eye, designed by Berlin developers Radon Labs, will be sure to enthrall RPG fans. Drakensang: The Dark Eye brings back epic party-based RPG gameplay in a breathtakingly detailed world, based on one of the world’s biggest pen & paper franchises.

With and incredible eye for detail, the world of Aventuria comes alive on the PC in state-of-the-art 3D graphics that bring to life the epic vistas and stunning variety of this one-of-a-kind fantasy world.

Drakensang: The Dark Eye is the first PC adaptation of Germany’s most popular and long-standing pen & paper RPG franchise in 10 years. In the last twenty years a thriving community of millions has grown, as the fantasy universe of Aventuria has been expanded in books, boardgames and a popular series of computer games. A first world-exclusive look at the game will be published by German gaming mag PC Games in the coming days.
The Dark Eye is based on the German PnP system, Das Schwarze Auge and you can read info on the PnP DSA4 rules and world here. License-holders Chromatrix have an announcement here:
Radon Labs and Chromatrix are already working together for several months on content issues of Drakensang. Chromatrix created a fantastic story with well known The Dark Eye authors Anton Weste, Mark Wachholz, Momo Evers, and Stefan Blanck which will offer roleplaying gamers exciting quests and delightful locations in the huge world of The Dark Eye, also known by the REALMS OF ARKANIA computer games and novels.

“We definitely belief in Radon Labs to develop the best RPG for The Dark Eye and publisher dtp will make Drakensang a big success”, said Dr. Stefan Blanck, Managing Director, Chromatrix GmbH. “The Dark Eye is the leading Pen&Paper Roleplaying Universe in Germany, Swiss and Austria since 22 years. Aventuria is the fantastic world and home for millions of player’s characters. We can hardly wait for the next year when roleplaying enthusiasts will experience The Dark Eye on their PC.”
The official forums are open and dtp staff have already dropped by our comments section to invite discussion with both dtp and the developer Radon Labs.

For some translated dev comments from the forums, head to this thread on our boards (thanks GhanBuriGhan and Ragon). Finally, here's an image that accompanied the press release...

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Thanks to all who supplied info and particularly Ragon for his emails.
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