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Project Entropia Newsbit at Worthplaying

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Monday - April 08, 2002 - 13:04 -
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Some news about Project Entropia can be found at Worthplaying in the "Global News" - dev reports, bugs that have been hunted down and general info about Project Entropia's progress. Quite hefty, this update from MindArk, and here's a bit for you about the commerical trial phase:
    The Commercial Trial Phase is continuing with great success. Our five thousand testers are roaming a small part of one of Calypso's continents. They are exploring landscapes, hunting the creatures that roam them, searching for treasures, communicating, and trading information and equipment. Several suggestions have been made and we do of course consider them all. When they will be implemented is not yet decided, but they are on our list.

    During April we will release our first Commercial Trial Phase patch, which will add further depth and content to the universe of Project Entropia. Some of these additions include a completely new way of doing business. A new resource management system will be implemented to enable the participants in the virtual universe to survey for mineral ores, and to refine these into metal bars. A handy player will be able to manufacture his or her own customized equipment, either to be used personally, or to be sold to the highest bidder. A lot more unique and rare items will also be incorporated into the world, together with more treasures to be discovered. More NPC's will also inhabit Calypso. There have been several sightings of increased creature activity out in the wilderness, and in the cities, new armor and weapon shops have opened. Finally, for the more hand-to-hand combat inclined, we have added a special surprise.

    The work is moving forward at a tremendous speed, and all the breakthroughs and the positive feedback from our testers makes it all worthwhile. Project Entropia will be the next big thing. The world, both the real one, as well as the virtual, will never be the same again.
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