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Desslock on Wizardry 8 and EB

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Friday - November 30, 2001 - 11:48 -
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Desslock has once again written an interesting editorial on Wizardry 8 and Electronic Boutique. He clarifies some thoughts he voiced in his first editorial on that subject, and he announces a review of the game for the next days. Here's a part of the article:

    I've been a pretty vocal critic of the fact that it's becoming more and more difficult for developers without established relationships with large publishers to get their games published. As I indicated in my last editorial, it's becoming difficult to get publishers to back (and most importantly, effectively market) games that aren't likely to sell at least 150,000 units -- and, if anything, that number may be understated, since some of you have suggested that some large publishers won't back a product that it doesn't think will sell at least half a million units, including supplemental products. That's bad news for developers of games that appeal to smaller markets (and almost no PC games sell that many units - the only RPGs that have sold that many units are the Diablo and Baldur's Gate games), and bad news for fans of hardcore RPGs. So I'm definitely in favour of attempts by developers such as Sirtech Canada, Derek Smart (Battlecruiser Millennium), Firaxis (Antietam), and Battlefront (Combat Mission) to try to create alternative distribution channels to ensure that gamers have a greater likelihood to get access to a variety of products.
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