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Artifact Entertainment Website Redesigned

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Friday - February 01, 2002 - 00:56 -
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The Artifact Entertainment website has received a redesign (to the better? It's not up to me to decide), and they anounced that they have developed a new technology "for rapid development of Multi-User Networked Simulations". Here's this press release:
    Artifact Entertainment announces Multi-User Network Simulation Technology for Massive Multiplayer Online Games
    Mesa, Arizona - January 31, 2002 - Artifact Entertainment today announced that the company has developed a state of the art proprietary technology for rapid development of Multi-User Networked Simulations. The technology incorporates all necessary tools to develop Online Real-Time Persistent Dynamic Simulations that can be accessed by Machines, Electronic Devices, Computer Systems and Human Users in a wide variety of applications. Once final packaging has been completed, the technology known as the "Evolution Engine" will be available for license as a fully featured simulation engine.

    Potential applications will be:

    Massively multi-player online games
    Telecommunication monitoring systems
    Fault Tolerance maintenance and monitoring systems
    Assembly line production modeling and monitoring
    Network management and prediction
    Real world modeling simulations
    Urban planning and modeling
    Interactive entertainment environments
    The Evolution technology is comprised of several components, some of which are stand- alone systems and others that are supporting elements to a complete implementation. Artifact will offer packages in various configurations ranging from straight technology licenses to complete end-to-end implementations services.

    The Evolution technology is a complete solution offering the client and server systems to manage and operate a massive multi-user simulation. Evolution uses a dynamic and flexible world model that allows run time content creation and includes a complete set of world development and management tools to define world parameters and dynamically introduce world modifications.

    James Jones, President of Artifact Entertainment stated, "Evolution is more of a MMU (Massive Multi-User) platform than a Game Server. Evolution can provide world simulations for environments above and beyond traditional online game worlds." Mr. Jones added, "A game player is one type of user in these simulations, a user could technically be any device or equipment that we could connect and logically model with the scripting system."

    In an Evolution simulation, world activities always continue, regardless of human participants. A continuing simulation is defined through entities that inhabit the system. These entities use intelligent scripts to simulate a wide range of behaviors. Simulations can be defined for anything from characters, monsters, wildlife, weather, insects, and other types of entities used in a game simulation to electrical, mechanical or artificial device simulation and control in a real world environment.

    Artifact is currently in the process of creating its own hosting environment that will give developers access to a turnkey Massive Multiplayer solution for developing, launching and managing online games and interactive entertainment environments.

    Artifact is using the Evolution Technology to develop its next generation massive multiplayer online fantasy role-playing game "Horizons". More information will be available in the future about this flagship product.
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