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BG 2 - ToB: David Gaider Interview

(PC: Single- & Multi-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Tuesday - October 16, 2001 - 01:20 -
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The Dragon's Breath Forge informs us that they have conducted another interview with David Gaider, Designer for Baldur's Gate, Throne of Bhaal. Here's a bit:

    1. Imagine this: You're the big boss of BioWare and you got 50 million dollars in your hands to create a new RPG. What setting you choose? Krynn, Middle Earth, Planescape...? What would the game be like?

    Wow, we're talking hypothetical here, eh? Okay, I'm game. Shadowrun...absolutely. I would want to make an action-filled RPG in the world of Shadowrun (which, for those of you who don't know, is a mix of cyberpunk and fantasy...great stuff), or even a MMORPG, which would fit very well. Johnsons would be available to give out 'runs' to the players, of which there's all kinds. Have a 'three-layered' world, which would include physical space (where most of the game is carried out), astral space for the magicians and, of course, the Matrix...all representing the same city area.

    You could take that base idea and add on the megacorps as entities that generate plot. Heck, you could even have players that would play corporate execs instead of runners and compete against their fellow companies, generating the need for 'runs' to be made on other megacorps and ideally getting the game to be self-perpetuating.

    I could go on and on. It's a thought, anyway.

    Failing that, I'd like to see a fantasy RPG with some strategic elements...like building up your land while playing an adventurer-cum-nobleman. Or having a land where the King has died and lots of positions of influence in the nation (of which you play one) strive to become the new King/Queen. There are lots of games that do these things more purely from a strategy stance...I'd like to see a game like these with much more role-playing and personality...allow you to create a family and marry off your daughter and see the strategy game much more through the eyes of a character rather than way up in the clouds. Know what I mean?
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